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1.Main frame is in cast form,belt drive,cone pulley surface is sprayed coated with porcelain

or tungsten carbide.

2.Independent intellectual property of double-frequency control technology,which ensures

precise tension control without requiring potential signal feedback.

3.Taking up disc is inner-expand installed.

It also called Vertical type wire drawing machine.The main electrical machinery is controlled:Have section adjust and control rapidly by inverter,but in 0-2700m/min wanton to regulate,the speedometer shows the present speed.

The movement and tension are controlled:Coordinated by the automatically controlled machine movement of the microcomputer,close the ring and sdjust the best tension .

Shut down automatically,break and protect and brake ,rank overload of motor of line brake ,Arrange line overshoot and brake and converter the function automatically when being main and motor unusual.

Fine wire drawing machine can run at higher speed than other wire drawing machine.  auto stop when wire broken.

Models S20 S24 B22 B24
High Revolving speed Max2000m/min Max2000m/min Max2700m/min Max2700m/min
Inlet wire 0.16-0.32mm 0.45-0.14mm 0.4-1.2mm 0.8-1.2mm
Main motor 5HP 5HP 20HP 20HP
Finish dia 0.04-0.12mm 0.08-0.03mm 0.10-0.45mm 0.08-0.45
Spool capacity 20-40KG 20-40kg 20-80kg 20-80KG
Brake Electromagnetic braking,automatic wire broken or full beam stop
Eye die holder Adjustable in up-down and front-back direction
No.of dies 20 24 22 24
Capstan Nine ceramic layer Eleven ceramic layer Ten ceramic layer Eleven ceramin layer
Bearing lubricated self-lubricating Self-lubricating Self-lubricating Self-lubricating
Reduction rate 10.50% 8% 15% 13%
Power consumption 5kw 4.25kw 20kw 20kw
Dimension(L*W*H) 1.954*1.7*1.72 1.954*1.7*1.72 2*1.8*1.89 2.0*1.8*1.89
Weight 2000kg 2000kg 2300kg 23000

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